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Dog BitesHouston Area Animal Control Phone Numbers: Quick Reference

November 1, 2023by Crystal Henry

In the Greater Houston area, animal-related concerns are not uncommon. Whether you’ve encountered a stray animal, need assistance with a lost pet, or have wildlife issues around your home, knowing who to call for help is crucial.

This quick reference guide provides you with essential phone numbers for various animal control services in and around Houston.

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City of Houston Animal Control (BARC)

Also known as BARC (Bureau of Animal Regulation and Care)

  • Phone: 713-229-7300
  • Address: 3200 Carr Street, Houston, TX 77026
  • General Inquiries (Houston 311): Call 311
  • Email (Pet Adoptions):
  • Email (Volunteer Information):
  • Volunteer Information: 832.395.9031 or 832.395.9061
  • Email (Rescue Group Information):
  • Rescue Group Information: 832.395.9054
  • Email (Foster Information):
  • Foster Information:
  • Email (TNR Information):
  • TNR Information: 832.395.9066
  • Bite Case / Quarantine: 832.395.9049
  • Customer Service: 832.395.9084 or 311

The City of Houston Animal Control, also known as BARC (Bureau of Animal Regulation and Care), is your go-to resource for various animal-related concerns within Houston city limits.

This includes addressing dog bite incidents, pest removal, animal spaying or neutering services, and facilitating animal adoptions.

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Please note: Entry into the BARC shelter requires a valid photo ID, such as a driver’s license, state-issued ID card, or passport.

Badged volunteers: Enter through the back entrance at 2700 Evella St., Houston, TX 77026.

Harris County Animal Control

Phone: 281-999-3191

If you encounter animal-related issues in unincorporated areas or towns outside the Houston city limits, Harris County Animal Control is here to assist you. They are dedicated to ensuring the safety and well-being of both residents and animals.

Greater Houston Area Animal Control Services

In addition to the primary animal control agencies, numerous cities and counties in the Greater Houston area have their own animal control services to address local issues.

Here are the contact numbers for some of them:

  • City of Alvin Animal Control: 281-388-4331
  • City of Baytown Animal Control: 281-422-7600
  • City of Bellaire Animal Control: 713-668-0487
  • Brazoria County Animal Control (Central/West): 979-864-2265
  • Brazoria County Animal Control (North): 979-756-2265
  • Brazoria County Animal Control (South): 979-388-2265
  • City of Bunker Hill Village Animal Control: 713-467-9762
  • Chambers County Texas Animal Control: 409-267-8318
  • City of Conroe Animal Control: 936-522-3211
  • City of Dayton Animal Control: 936-258-7621
  • City of Deer Park Animal Control: 281-478-7274
  • Fort Bend County Animal Control: 281-342-1512
  • City of Friendswood Animal Control: 281-996-3391
  • City of Galena Park Animal Control: 713-455-0919
  • City of Galveston Animal Control: 409-765-3702
  • Galveston County Animal Control: 409-948-2485
  • City of Hedwig Village Animal Control Officer: 713-465-6009
  • City of Humble Animal Control: 281-446-2327
  • Jacinto City Animal Control Officer: 713-453-7411
  • City of Katy Animal Control: 281-391-4848
  • City of La Porte Animal Control: 281-471-3810
  • League City Animal Control: 281-554-1377
  • Liberty City Animal Control: 936-336-5666
  • Liberty County Animal Control: 936-336-4500
  • Missouri City Animal Control: 281-403-8707
  • Mont Belvieu Animal Control Officer: 281-576-2417
  • Montgomery County Animal Control: 936-442-7738
  • Morgan’s Point Resort Animal Control: 281-471-2171
  • Nassau Bay Animal Control: 281-333-4211
  • City of Oak Ridge Animal Shelter: 281-292-4648
  • City of Pasadena Animal Control: 281-991-0602
  • City of Pearland Animal Control: 281-652-1970
  • City of Piney Point Village Animal Control: 713-782-0271
  • City of Seabrook Animal Control: 281-291-5610
  • City of Shore Acres Animal Control: 281-470-6451
  • South Houston Animal Control: 713-944-1910
  • City of Spring Valley Village Animal Control: 713-465-8325
  • City of Stafford Animal Control: 281-261-3950
  • City of Sugar Land Animal Control: 281-275-2665
  • City of Taylor Lake Village Animal Control: 281-326-5900
  • City of Waller Animal Control: 936-372-2525
  • Waller County Animal Control: 979-826-8282
  • City of Webster Animal Control: 281-316-3700
  • West University Animal Control: 713-622-5831
  • City of Bryan Animal Control: 979-361-3888
  • Brazos County Animal Control: 979-361-4923
  • City of Rosenberg Animal Control: 832-595-3490

This extensive list of contact numbers ensures that you have access to the right resources for animal-related issues in and around Houston, no matter where you are located.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the main animal control number for the City of Houston?

The main animal control number for the City of Houston, also known as BARC (Bureau of Animal Regulation and Care), is 713-229-7300. They handle incidents involving animals within the Houston city limits.

How do I report a stray dog or other animal-related issues within the Houston city limits?

To report a stray dog, dangerous dog, or any other complaint related to animals within the Houston city limits, please call 311.

Who should I contact if I’m bitten by a dog outside of Houston city limits?

If you are bitten by a dog while outside of Houston city limits in one of the unincorporated areas or towns, you should contact Harris County Animal Control at 281-999-3191.

Is there a 24/7 emergency number for animal-related emergencies?

For life-threatening animal-related emergencies, always dial 911. If you encounter an animal in distress or involved in dangerous situations, do not hesitate to call 911.

Are there specific contact numbers for rescue groups, TNR (Trap-Neuter-Return), or bite cases?

Yes, BARC has dedicated contact numbers for rescue groups, TNR, and bite cases. You can reach them at:

  • Rescue Group Information: or call 832.395.9054.
  • TNR Information: or call 832.395.9066.
  • Bite Case / Quarantine: Call 832.395.9049.

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