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Car AccidentsWhat Should I Do If I’m Hit By A Drunk Driver In Houston?

October 22, 2023by Crystal Henry

Being involved in a car accident with a drunk driver in the vibrant city of Houston, Texas can be a life-altering experience. 

It’s vital to know what steps to take, both legally and personally, when facing such a situation. 

In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into various aspects of dealing with a drunk driving accident in Houston TX, including the role of a personal injury attorney, the prevalence of such incidents in Houston, the devastating consequences, legal intricacies, and the types of damages that can be pursued.

TL;DR: Here’s a Quick Summary of the below article:

  • Legal and Personal Guidance: Dealing with a drunk driving accident in Houston can be life-altering. A Houston drunk driving accident attorney is crucial for legal and personal guidance in such cases.
  • Common Incidents: Drunk driving incidents are common in Houston, leading to severe accidents and devastating consequences.
  • Attorney Assistance: Personal injury lawyers can handle legal complexities and negotiate for compensation.
  • Alarming Statistics: Houston has seen a rise in drunk driving accidents, resulting in numerous fatalities and injuries.
  • Varied Injuries: Injuries can range from mild to severe, and wrongful death lawsuits may be necessary in some cases.
  • Legal Intersection: Criminal DUI charges and personal injury lawsuits are separate legal matters, but they can intersect.
  • Compensation Options: Compensation can be sought even if the driver faces criminal charges.
  • Comprehensive Damages: Available damages include medical costs, lost earnings, disability, emotional distress, and more, with the potential for punitive damages.
  • Recovery Focus: Professional legal assistance is crucial for securing compensation and focusing on recovery.

The Path to Recovery: How a Personal Injury Lawyer in Houston Can Assist

Operating a vehicle while under the influence of drugs or alcohol impairs one’s ability to drive safely. 

This impairment leads to decreased reaction times, increased likelihood of drowsiness and distractions, and a significantly higher risk of losing control of the vehicle. 

Consequently, the presence of an intoxicated driver on the road can lead to severe accidents. 

These incidents not only pose a threat to the impaired driver but also to other individuals. 

In many cases, injuries sustained in accidents involving drunk driving can be devastating, if not fatal.

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Holding the Responsible Party Accountable

While seeking justice and compensation is paramount, it can be a challenging endeavor. 

Drunk drivers may face criminal charges, which can complicate your personal injury case. 

Insurance companies are notorious for making the process difficult. 

This is where a personal injury attorney comes to your aid.

By retaining a skilled attorney, you can focus on your recovery while they handle the legal complexities, providing you with a fighting chance to secure a substantial monetary award. 

At our law office in Houston, our team of personal injury attorneys, boasts several years of collective experience representing victims of drunk driving accidents. 

Our dedication, unwavering commitment, and pursuit of justice have allowed us to secure life-changing compensation for our clients.

If someone is involved in a drunk driving accident in Houston, it’s crucial to seek professional assistance. The following steps are typically taken by experts in the field:

  • Conducting a thorough examination of the accident.
  • Reviewing police reports, medical documents, and any relevant evidence.
  • Collaborating with a diverse team of professionals and specialists, which might encompass former law enforcement personnel, DUI experts, accident reconstruction specialists, medical professionals, and more.
  • Navigating challenges that can emerge from concurrent criminal DUI cases.
  • Engaging in negotiations with the intoxicated driver, their insurance company, and other pertinent parties.

Understanding the Scope of Drunk Driving Accidents in Houston

A Troubling Trend

Drunk driving accidents are regrettably prevalent in Houston. 

In 2018, over 1,001,320 drunk driving arrests were made in the United States, translating to one arrest for every 227 licensed drivers. 

Shockingly, not all intoxicated drivers are apprehended before causing accidents. 

This leads to a significant number of collisions involving impaired drivers.

Alarming Statistics

The statistics from Houston are equally alarming. 

In 2014, the city witnessed a total of 1,620 drunk driving accidents

By 2018, this number had surged to 1,908, signifying a troubling increase of nearly 20% in just a few years.

The Devastating Toll: Fatal Consequences of Drunk Driving in Houston

Frequent and Fatal

In 2018, Houston saw an average of 5.2 drunk driving accidents every day, resulting in roughly one DUI crash occurring every four and a half hours. 

What is even more distressing is the severity of these accidents. 

According to the Texas Department of Transportation in 2018, the outcomes were grim:

  • 49 fatal drunk driving accidents
  • 53 fatalities linked to drunk driving accidents
  • 87 crashes leading to suspected serious injuries
  • 121 victims sustaining suspected serious injuries.

In addition to these heartbreaking fatalities and grave injuries, hundreds of other drunk driving accidents resulted in a wide range of moderate to mild injuries.

Compassionate Advocacy: Handling All Drunk Driving Accident Injury Cases in Houston, TX

Seeking Comprehensive Compensation

Drunk driving accidents have the potential to cause extensive physical and emotional damage. 

At our law firm, we are committed to fighting for every aspect of your crash-related injuries. 

We represent clients who, after being involved in a drunk driving accident, have suffered injuries that encompass:

We understand that recovery can be a long and arduous journey, and we are dedicated to ensuring that you receive the compensation you rightfully deserve.

Seeking Justice: Pursuing a Wrongful Death Lawsuit

A Tragic Reality

Nationally, approximately 33% of fatal car accidents involve an intoxicated driver. In the city of Houston, on average, there is one tragic incident of a drunk driving car crash that results in a loss of life every week. 

This heartbreaking statistic means that numerous families in Houston experience a devastating and preventable loss each year. 

While no amount of money can undo the tragedy, it can provide some comfort and a measure of financial justice.

If you have suffered the loss of a loved one in a fatal DUI accident in Houston, our empathetic legal team is prepared to assist you in initiating a wrongful death lawsuit to seek compensation for damages. 

During this challenging period, we are here to offer support, guidance, and assistance.

Legal Complexities: The Intersection of Criminal DUI Charges and Personal Injury Lawsuits

Parallel Pathways

In Texas, driving under the influence is considered a criminal offense. 

In the event of an accident involving a drunk driver, the intoxicated individual is typically arrested and charged with a DUI. 

It’s important to recognize that this criminal charge can potentially have implications for your personal injury lawsuit. 

It’s crucial to comprehend that these criminal and civil cases are separate legal matters, and you still have the right to pursue legal action against the drunk driver, irrespective of their criminal charges.

However, it’s worth noting that when a drunk driver faces criminal charges, your civil case may be temporarily put on hold. 

Defendants can request a pause on related civil cases to focus on their defense against the criminal charges. 

Your civil personal injury case will resume once the criminal case is resolved.

It’s important to understand that the outcome of the criminal case doesn’t necessarily dictate the outcome of your personal injury case. 

You can still seek compensation even if the driver is acquitted or reaches a plea agreement.

The standards of proof in civil and criminal cases differ, with criminal charges requiring a higher burden of proof. 

Nevertheless, a DUI conviction can serve as significant evidence of the driver’s negligence, which is essential for recovering compensation.

At The Law Office of Crystal Henry, we are aware of the challenges that may arise in the context of a criminal DUI case, and we are fully prepared to assist you in navigating the legal process.

Pursuing Justice: The Range of Available Damages in Drunk Driving Cases in Houston

Comprehensive Compensation

When pursuing legal action against a driver who was under the influence during a car crash in Houston, you open the door to seeking reparation for a wide range of losses, which can encompass:

  • Medical Costs: Coverage for healthcare expenses incurred due to the accident.
  • Lost Earnings: Compensation for income or wages you were unable to earn as a result of the incident.
  • Disability: Financial recompense for any sustained disabilities or impairments.
  • Diminished Income Potential: Support for any decrease in your ability to earn in the future.
  • Property Damage: Financial relief for damage to your property, such as your vehicle.
  • Physical and Emotional Pain: Recovery for the physical and emotional distress experienced.
  • Alterations and Scarring: Compensation for any visible changes to your body.
  • Psychological Anguish: Assistance for the emotional suffering endured.

In some situations, punitive damages might also be attainable in cases involving drunk driving accidents. 

While insurance companies may aim to limit their payouts, our legal team is resolute in protecting your rights and guaranteeing you a just settlement. 

We are dedicated to meticulously constructing a compelling case, supported by substantial evidence and expert testimonies, equipping us to negotiate a substantial and life-altering award on your behalf.

In conclusion, when faced with the aftermath of a drunk driving accident in Houston, it is crucial to be informed and prepared. Reach out for professional legal guidance. We are dedicated to securing the compensation you deserve while you focus on your recovery and well-being.

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