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Motorcycle AccidentsWhat Should I do if I was Hit by a Motorcycle in Houston, TX?

December 19, 2023by Crystal Henry

Motorcycle accidents in Houston can result in serious injuries and property damage. When involved in such an incident, it’s crucial to know the proper steps to take to protect your rights and seek compensation. In this guide, we will outline the necessary actions to follow if you’ve been hit by a motorcycle in Houston, Texas.

Seeking Legal Guidance

If you find yourself in the unfortunate situation of being hit by a motorcycle, your first step should be to seek legal guidance. The experienced personal injury litigators at Crystal Henry’s law firm can provide valuable assistance. With years of experience, Crystal Henry is well-equipped to handle motorcycle accident cases.

When you contact Crystal Henry’s Personal Injury Law Firm, you can expect:

  1. Free Consultation: Schedule a free consultation with an experienced injury lawyer to explore your legal options.
  2. Dedicated Support Team: Benefit from a dedicated team of lawyers, paralegals, and case managers committed to your success.
  3. Proven Track Record: Crystal Henry’s firm has a history of successfully settling and litigating claims, ensuring thorough and aggressive representation throughout your case.

Understanding the Statistics

In Houston, motorcycle accidents are unfortunately common. In 2022 alone, there were 705 crashes involving at least one motorcycle, with 461 collisions between motorcycles and automobiles, pedestrians, or bicycles. Tragically, these accidents resulted in the death of 20 motorcyclists and injuries to 353 others, including serious, minor, and possible injuries.

While these statistics highlight the severity of the issue, they do not determine fault. Crystal Henry’s team understands the complexities of motorcycle accident cases and can navigate through the legal process to ensure fair representation.

Steps to Take After a Motorcycle Collision

1. Stop at the Accident Scene

Regardless of who is at fault, it is imperative to stop at the accident scene. Failure to do so may result in hit-and-run charges, even if you are not responsible for the collision.

2. Call the Police

Texas law mandates calling the police after any accident that causes injury, death, or property damage. Depending on the location of the crash, contact the city police, county sheriff’s office, or Texas Highway Patrol.

3. Exchange Information

Exchange information with all parties involved in the accident. Even if the motorcyclist is at fault, Texas law requires assistance, considering the vulnerability of motorcyclists to severe injuries.

4. Seek Medical Attention

Do not ignore your injuries. Consult a doctor promptly, even for seemingly minor injuries. A medical professional can identify hidden injuries, provide a diagnosis, and create a treatment plan, all crucial elements for your personal injury claim.


Being involved in a motorcycle accident can be a traumatic experience. By following these steps and seeking legal assistance from Crystal Henry, you can navigate the aftermath with confidence. Remember, understanding your rights and taking the right actions is crucial in seeking the compensation you deserve after a motorcycle collision in Houston.

Seeking Legal Guidance After a Motorcycle Collision in Houston?

Experiencing a motorcycle accident is a distressing experience, and understanding the legal steps to take afterward can be complex. If you or a loved one has been involved in a motorcycle collision in Houston, Crystal Henry and her team is ready to provide the support and legal assistance you need.

With a team of seasoned personal injury litigators and a track record of success, Crystal Henry is committed to helping you navigate the aftermath of a motorcycle accident. We offer a free consultation to discuss your options, a dedicated support team, and thorough representation throughout your case. Contact us today!

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What should I do immediately after a motorcycle accident?

After a motorcycle accident, the first step is to stop at the accident scene. Regardless of fault, failure to stop may lead to legal consequences. Following this, call the police to report the accident and exchange information with all parties involved.

How can a Houston personal injury lawyer help me after a motorcycle collision?

Crystal Henry’s Personal Injury Law Firm provides invaluable assistance after a motorcycle accident. With a team of experienced litigators, they offer a free consultation to explore your legal options, a dedicated support team, and a proven track record of successfully settling and litigating claims.

What are the statistics for motorcycle accidents in Houston?

In 2022, Houston witnessed 705 motorcycle-related crashes, resulting in 461 collisions with automobiles, pedestrians, or bicycles. These accidents caused 20 fatalities and 353 injuries, emphasizing the need for legal representation to navigate the complexities of motorcycle accident cases.

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How do I determine fault in a motorcycle accident?

While statistics highlight the prevalence of motorcycle accidents, they do not determine fault. Crystal Henry’s legal team understands the complexities involved in establishing fault and can guide you through the legal process to ensure fair representation.

Do I need to seek medical attention even for minor injuries?

Yes, seeking medical attention is crucial, even for seemingly minor injuries. A doctor can identify hidden injuries, provide a diagnosis, and create a treatment plan. Comprehensive and accurate medical records are essential for building a strong personal injury claim.

What insurance considerations apply to motorcycle accidents in Houston?

Texas operates on a fault-based insurance system. Regardless of the vehicle involved, including motorcycles, all owners must carry liability insurance. After an accident, victims must file a claim against the at-fault driver, seeking compensation for injuries and property damage.

How long do I have to file a personal injury claim after a motorcycle accident?

The statute of limitations for filing a personal injury claim in Texas is generally two years from the date of the accident. However, it’s advisable to consult with a personal injury lawyer promptly to ensure all necessary steps are taken within the legal timeframe.

What if the motorcyclist is at fault in the accident?

Regardless of fault, it is essential to follow the same procedures after a motorcycle accident as you would after a car accident. This includes stopping at the accident scene, calling the police, exchanging information, and seeking medical attention.

What documentation is crucial for a personal injury claim?

Comprehensive documentation is essential for a personal injury claim. This includes the police report, medical records detailing injuries and treatment plans, and any exchanged information at the accident scene. Working with a personal injury lawyer ensures all necessary documentation is gathered for a strong claim.

Can I handle a motorcycle accident claim without legal representation?

While it’s possible to handle a motorcycle accident claim without legal representation, the complexities of personal injury law make it advisable to seek professional assistance. Crystal Henry’s Personal Injury Law Firm can navigate the legal process, ensuring your rights are protected and fair compensation is pursued.

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