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Have You Been Injured in an Uber Accident in Houston?

Uber accidents can happen unexpectedly and lead to injuries, emotional distress, and significant financial burdens. If you’ve been involved in an Uber accident in Houston, caused by the negligence of the driver or another party, you’ll need the assistance of a dedicated legal advocate to help you navigate the complexities of the legal system.

Crystal Henry, a seasoned Houston Uber accident lawyer, is here to stand by your side and offer expert legal guidance as you pursue justice and the compensation you rightfully deserve. With a deep understanding of Uber accident cases and an unwavering commitment to your well-being, Crystal Henry will tirelessly fight for your rights, ensuring you receive the compensation you need.


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    Have You Been Injured in an Uber Accident in Houston?

    Ride Sharing Apps such as Uber have transformed the way we travel, providing convenience and affordability at our fingertips. However, with the increasing prevalence of Uber on Houston’s roads, accidents involving these rideshare vehicles have become more common. If you or a loved one has been injured in an Uber accident in Houston, it’s crucial to have a dedicated legal advocate by your side to navigate the complexities of your case.

    As leading Houston Uber Accident Lawyers, we are here to provide you with the support and legal guidance you need to seek justice and the rightful compensation you deserve. We understand the impact that Uber accidents can have on your life, resulting in physical injuries, emotional distress, and financial burdens. Our team is committed to fighting for your rights and ensuring you receive the compensation you are entitled to.

    Understanding Uber Accidents in Houston

    Uber has undoubtedly provided a convenient alternative to traditional transportation, but the rise in rideshare vehicles on our roads has also led to an increase in accidents. Whether you were a passenger, a pedestrian, or another driver involved in an Uber accident, it’s important to be aware of your rights and the insurance coverage available.

    What Does Uber’s Insurance Cover?

    In Uber accidents, insurance coverage plays a significant role in the compensation you may receive. Uber drivers in Houston are required to carry their own car insurance, which can provide coverage but may be limited. This insurance often adheres to the standard Texas minimum coverage of $30,000.

    In addition to drivers’ insurance, Uber maintains its own insurance policy with a $1 million coverage limit. This means that if an at-fault driver’s insurance covers a portion of the damages, Uber may be liable for the remaining amount, up to $1 million. While not all accidents result in million-dollar claims, more severe injuries can approach this coverage limit.

    Who Can Benefit from This Insurance Coverage?

    The $1 million in liability coverage carried by Uber drivers can benefit several groups of accident victims:

    • Drivers injured in accidents where an Uber driver was at fault.
    • Passengers injured in either vehicle where an Uber driver was at fault.
    • Pedestrians injured by an Uber driver.
    • Uber drivers injured in an accident caused by another driver.

    If you or your loved one falls into any of these categories, you may be eligible to recover financial compensation for your losses. While compensation cannot fully erase the pain and suffering that accompanies an accident, it can significantly ease the recovery process.

    Common Injuries in Uber Accidents

    Uber accidents can result in various injuries, ranging from minor to catastrophic. To ensure you receive the compensation you deserve, it’s essential to work with an experienced personal injury lawyer to build a strong case. Common injuries we have seen in Uber and other rideshare accidents include:

    • Whiplash
    • Head trauma and concussions
    • Broken bones
    • Disfigurement and scarring
    • Eye injuries
    • Post-traumatic stress disorder
    • Back injuries
    • Shoulder injuries
    • Tendon or ligament tears
    • Internal bleeding
    • Skin burns
    • Knee trauma
    • Herniated disks
    • Anoxic and hypoxic brain injuries

    Our Approach to Uber Accident Cases

    As dedicated Houston Uber Accident Lawyers, we understand that the key to obtaining the best results is to focus on how an injury has physically and emotionally impacted our clients. While some law firms concentrate on the details of how an injury occurred, we believe that the most critical factor is the impact it has on your life.

    We work with a network of top medical and case experts to support each client’s claim, ensuring we have the necessary evidence to fight any defendant in settlement negotiations or court. Our experts include:

    • Orthopedics
    • Neurologists
    • Podiatrists
    • Rehabilitation Therapists
    • Lifecare Planners
    • Accident reconstruction experts
    • Economists (for lost wages)
    • Pain Therapists
    • Occupational Specialists
    • Mental Health Care Aids
    • Psychiatrists

    Every case is unique, and we determine which experts should be retained for your specific situation. These experts play a crucial role in strengthening and fortifying your claim to secure the maximum compensation possible.

    Key Steps After an Uber Accident

    In the immediate aftermath of an Uber accident or a rideshare accident, certain steps can significantly impact your potential case:

    • Ensure Safety: Your first priority should be to check for injuries and remove yourself from danger. Seek medical attention for potential injuries or call an ambulance if necessary.
    • Record Trip Information: Capture your ride details, including the driver’s name, vehicle type, route, and estimated arrival time. This information is crucial for your case.
    • Gather Evidence: Take photographs of the accident scene and the vehicles involved. Request contact information from any witnesses, as this information can be crucial for filing a claim and building your injury case.
    • Seek Legal Guidance: Request a free case evaluation from experienced Houston Uber Accident Lawyers who can provide a full account of your accident and injuries. Legal counsel is invaluable for navigating the complexities of your case.

    Uber Accident Lawyers Dedicated to Your Case

    As Houston Uber Accident Lawyers, we are dedicated to helping you through the challenges of recovering from an Uber accident. Dealing with medical bills, lost income, and emotional trauma can be overwhelming, and we’re here to support you.

    We operate on a contingency basis, which means you won’t incur any attorney fees or expenses unless we secure a recovery for you. We offer a free consultation to discuss your case and assess the grounds for proceeding with your claim, ensuring you meet the necessary timelines for filing.

    Don’t navigate the aftermath of an Uber accident alone. Contact us today for a free consultation and the support you need to seek justice and compensation. Call us at 281-888-3731 now to take the first step toward recovery and securing the legal assistance you deserve.

    Your health is the top priority, and we’re here to help you understand your rights and choose the best path forward. If we can take on your case, our legal team of personal injury attorneys will fight tirelessly to get you the settlement you deserve.

    Why Choose Crystal Henry?

    • Compassionate Representation: Crystal Henry provides compassionate, personalized representation, treating you with respect, empathy, and understanding throughout the legal process.
    • Extensive Experience: With years of personal injury law experience, Crystal has a proven track record of securing favorable outcomes for her clients in Uber accident cases.
    • Proven Track Record: Crystal’s dedication to her clients has resulted in numerous successful outcomes and substantial settlements, demonstrating her ability to advocate effectively.
    • Open Communication: Crystal believes in transparent communication, keeping you informed, promptly responding to inquiries, and involving you in the decision-making process.
    • Community Involvement: Crystal is actively engaged in the Houston community, supporting organizations that promote safety and justice for Uber accident victims, showcasing her commitment beyond the courtroom.

    Contact Crystal Henry today for a free consultation if you or a loved one has been in an Uber accident. She will evaluate your case, explain your legal options, and provide the guidance you need for justice and fair compensation. Let Crystal be your compassionate advocate during this challenging time.


    I was injured in an Uber accident in Houston. What should I do first?

    If you’ve been injured in an Uber accident or any other rideshare accident, your first priority should be to ensure your safety and seek medical attention if needed. After that, it’s essential to gather information about the accident, such as the driver’s details, vehicle information, and contact information for witnesses. Seeking legal advice as soon as possible is also crucial to protect your rights.

    How does Uber's insurance coverage work for accident victims?

    Uber has its own insurance policy with a $1 million coverage limit. This insurance can benefit various groups, including drivers injured in accidents where an Uber driver was at fault, passengers injured in an accident involving an Uber driver, pedestrians injured by an Uber driver, and Uber drivers injured in accidents caused by other drivers. The coverage can help victims recover financial compensation for their losses.

    What types of injuries are common in Uber accidents?

    Uber accidents can result in a range of injuries, from minor to severe. Common injuries include whiplash, head trauma, broken bones, disfigurement, eye injuries, post-traumatic stress disorder, back injuries, and more. It’s essential to work with an experienced personal injury lawyer to build a strong case and secure compensation for these injuries.

    How do I choose the right Uber accident lawyer in Houston?

    Selecting the right lawyer is crucial. When choosing a lawyer for your Uber accident case, consider their experience in personal injury law, their track record of successful outcomes, their commitment to open communication, and their involvement in the community. Crystal Henry, as your Uber accident lawyer, possesses these qualities and is dedicated to providing compassionate representation.

    What can I expect during a free consultation with Crystal Henry?

    During a free consultation with Crystal Henry, you can expect a thorough evaluation of your case. She will explain your legal options, provide guidance on how to pursue justice and fair compensation, and answer any questions you may have. Crystal will be your compassionate advocate, ensuring you receive the support you need during this challenging time.

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    For dedicated legal representation in Houston, trust Crystal Henry Personal Injury and Accident Lawyer.

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