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Halloween AccidentsHalloween Personal Injury Lawsuits: Tales of Spooky Settlements

October 25, 2023by Crystal Henry

Halloween: Scariest Time of the Year for Personal Injury

Halloween, with its spooky ambiance and playful pranks, is eagerly awaited by many. However, sometimes the fun can take a dark turn, leading to unexpected accidents and injuries. Over the years, there have been several Halloween-related personal injury lawsuits.

Let’s delve into some of the most notable cases:

  1. Smith v. Taunton High School (2010)
    As reported by CBS Boston, a high school prank went awry when a teacher instructed a 15-year-old student to answer a door knock. To the student’s horror, a man with a running chainsaw and a mask stood outside. The terrified student retreated, tripped, and fractured his kneecap. The student’s family subsequently sued the school, seeking over $100,000 in damages.
  2. Perper v. Forum Novelties (2010)
    Highlighted by the New York Post, an individual sued a novelty company after tripping due to oversized clown shoes they wore in 2008. The plaintiff argued that the shoes were inherently dangerous, leading to injuries on their legs.
  3. Grant v. Grant (2012)
    A tragic case of mistaken identity occurred during a family Halloween bonfire. A mother, believing she spotted a skunk, asked her son to fetch her shotgun. After firing at the “skunk,” they horrifyingly discovered it was their 8-year-old cousin in a black and white costume. Thankfully, the child survived, and authorities confirmed alcohol wasn’t involved.
  4. Ferlito v. Johnson & Johnson (1984)
    In a case dating back to the 1980s, a couple sued a company after their homemade Halloween costume caught fire. The husband, dressed as a lamb, had cotton batting glued all over him. He attempted to light a cigarette, and his costume ignited. The family argued that the product lacked a flammability warning. However, they lost the case as they were aware of cotton’s flammable nature.

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Battling Houston’s Spookiest Legal Haunts This Halloween!

Accidents can happen anytime, and when they do, it’s crucial to know your rights. If you or a loved one faces an injury, whether during Halloween or any other time, you deserve proper legal representation. Crystal Henry, a dedicated personal injury attorney in Houston, TX, is here to guide you every step of the way. Remember, it’s essential to be prepared for life’s unexpected turns. When in doubt, seek expert advice.

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